Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Coaster from Old Magazine

Do you have a stack of old magazines or booklets that you don't know what to do with it? Let's make something useful out of it. Here is 1 of bunch ideas you can make.

This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple coaster from an old magazine paper.

1. Prepare a piece of paper torn from old magazine or booklet.

2. Now, we need to get perfect square paper. From this position, take one edge, let's say left bottom, fold it to be aligned to the right edge of the paper.

3. Now you have a double triangle shape with excess paper. Fold the excess paper to the triangle, use the edge of the triangle as the guide. Cut this excess paper.

I used ruler to cut off the excess paper

4. You have perfect square paper! Because of previous folding, you'll see a line from 1 side to another side diagonally. We need to make another line so we get the center point.

5. Fold each corner of the paper to meet at the center point. Use clear tape to secure them.

6. You get a very big coaster at the moment. But it's too big and not thick enough, don't you think? Let's fold it again to make smaller and thicker paper coaster.

Flip the big coaster so the side with tape is below. You should see a center point on the coaster from previous folding. Bring again each corner to the center  point and tape them.

Okay, that's it! You get a DIY paper coaster made from old magazine. You can decorate the coaster to look nicer for you to use on your desk or as a gift.

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