Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gifts That Do Good

This holiday season why don't we pick unique gifts that also make us doing good?

WWF Singapore
There are many items from WWF gift shop that you can actually order and send to your loved ones as gift.
WWF Singapore has 4 sets of gift package you can choose:
- Love our Forests: Tiger
- Fight Climate Change: Polar Bear
- Protect our Earth: Panda
- Save our Seas: Dolphin

The gift package includes:
- plush toy
- a set of limited edition EZ-Link stickers
- a customized certificate. You can put your name or your loved ones on it
- a Singapore Seafood Guide

You can also get other items sold in Singapore here.

WWF Virtual Gift Shop
Alternatively, you can buy a virtual gifts from WWF. When you buy these gifts, you are helping WWF to save these endangered animals. WWF will send you a certificate with your name or your friends' name if you want to buy it as a gift. You can browse around the virtual gift shops here.
Virtual gifts from WWF

You may want to check WWF UK Gift Shop too for merchandises.

Happy shopping!

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