Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Get The Gift They Really Want

giftThe end of the year is coming fast. That means I need to quickly get the gifts for everyone I need to give.

Sometimes, getting gifts is not an easy thing. Most of the time when I browse (either online or offline) for the gifts, I end up choosing the things I would buy for myself rather than getting things that person likes or needs. It's good if that person actually likes or needs the thing but it sucks when the otherwise happen.

So, I'm consolidating some of tips that I personally use to pick a good gift for everyone:

1. Find for their wishlist on social media
Today, social media has become a common place for people to share their thoughts. You can use this to figure out what actually that person likes and doesn't like. Investigate all social media accounts they have.

2. Observe what they like to wear/use/have/do
Maybe from their belongings you get some hints what to get. It could be something to complement what they have already, something to replace the worn-out favorite things, or something from the same category.

3. Pay attention to all words they say during conversation, it may give you hint what they want this festive season as a gift.

4. Ask close person
It could be family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Ask for their cooperation not to say anything to that person.

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