Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting Gift Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Holiday season is here and it's time for gifting season. When you have so many people to give, it's not an easy thing to do. And your budget may burst into huge balloon too.

Here are some ideas to get your stocking stuffers without spending extra money from your pocket. You can get them all year around and keep them until you need to give someone a gift.

1. Welcome gifts, Birthday gifts
Some memberships here in Singapore offer free membership fee, welcome gifts and birthday gifts. Isn't it good? Try to explore around and see which membership is beneficial for you. You get discounts or reward points over your purchases, and free products.

2. Freebies from goodie bags
Participate in some sport events. Most of the sport events give a lot of freebies you can use for your stocking stuffer.

3. Bulk Purchase
You will definitely save a lot when you do bulk purchase. Find a product bundle with good value that you can split the goods to be given to few different people.

4. Sale
Keep eyeing on your favorite company or brand for sale event. Like their facebook page so you get first hand news immediately.

5. Re-gifting
You have gifts that you don't like or you don't use? Give it to somebody else that may like or need it. Nowadays, re-gifting is considered as socially acceptable. It's better to give it to someone rather than collecting dust, right?

6. Membership or credit card reward point
If your credit card or membership offer you reward point that you can redeem, go ahead and use it.

7. DIY
Save money and create unique gifts at the same time. Great :)

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