Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Marketplace: Carousell

Recently, I just found new marketplace app for iPhone, called Carousell. I have been using this app for over 1 month now and getting familiar with it. So, I decided to share something to you about this app.

Appearance and Layout
Good thing about this app is the menu and layout are in simple design. Navigating through the app is easy. The products are categorized into some categories so it makes product searching for buyers/viewers easy.

Selling Products
When you click on the "Sell" menu it will bring you to your iPhone camera functionality and you can snap your product's picture immediately. Convenient! You can also upload the pictures if you already have them taken from your picture library. Ah, don't forget, you can edit your pictures and add some effects.

Product Page
Another good thing is you don't need to fill so many fields before submitting your product. You just need to choose category where it falls into, type the item name and short description, and finally the price. While filling the item's title and description, you can also specify the location where you can make the deal with buyer.

I personally think it'll be better if there's a way seller can see how many view they get for each item.

Interaction with buyers and viewers
Buyers or viewers can make comment and make offer on each product page. Buyer and seller can extend their closed conversation after buyer makes an offer.

Carousell will consolidate all your activities summary into 1 page, called Activity. Too bad, each record is not clickable. I think it'll be better if it brings you to at least related product page every time you click on the activity record. 

Overall, it's a handy app to help you sell your things just from your phone. You can download the app from App Store and it's free. No harm to put your things to sell there and who knows you can find good bargain for yourself. You can download the app here

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